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Tokio Hotel, body modification, dubstep and screamo.

I also have a huge passion for cars. I'm aspiring to become an automotive mechanic.

Melbourne, Australia.

Vincent - 12/5/12 <3

My boyfriend and I went to the VIC SAU Show N Shine today. There was heaps of beautiful looking Skylines (obviously) and a Supra that had become a favourite of mine from the last JDMST meet that I saw in August was there today too. 

Overall, it was a good day. Some cars were in such immaculate condition, some just looked generally amazing and my boyfriends favourite R32 4 Door was there as well.
I’ve been so eager on getting a R33 GTR Skyline when I’m 18 (whether I bought it turbo-charged and not driving it until I’m off my P’s but modding it up in the mean time or buying a R33 non-turbo and making it turbo-charged later) and then I realised how much I still loved R34’s so now I’m battling with myself which one I want because of this Show N Shine. My love for Japanese cars has grown so much this past year - they’re such amazing creations. 

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